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In most cases, client accounts are as diverse as the clients themselves are. Being an independent practitioner allows me the flexibility of working with clients in the most comprehensive ways. We can establish almost any kind of account needed to accomplish your goals.

Fee Based Accounts

I feel one of the most cost effective and efficient investment accounts is the "fee based account". Paying an annual fee based on the value of your assets in the account avoids commissions and trading fees. We can then have an account with "best of class" (as determined by Morningstar®) investments and re-balance the account as needed without the worry of ongoing trading costs.

Trust Accounts

Comprehensive financial planning includes estate planning. In many cases, establishing a "trust account" allows the creator of the account to create "rules" around the disposition of the assets and income from those assets that is consistent with their will and overall estate plan.

401k and 403b Accounts

The primary vehicle to save for retirement today is the 401K or 403B plan. These types of plans are "contributory" plans. The employee contributes a percentage of their salary each pay period. Sometimes the employer will match the contribution up to a certain percentage. These types of retirement plans have become the primary retirement saving vehicle in the private sector work force. It is important to stay informed of your choices and performance of your 401K and 403B plans. Michael offers management services to his clients to make sure they get the most out of their 401K and 403B plans.