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Financial Planning*

This is the starting point to helping you assess where you are financially relative to where you want to be. The process starts with a thorough discussion of your goals and your past experiences with financial planning. Also, we assess your views on risks, in addition to establishing your time frame to achieve your goals, and finally evaluate what you have done so far. The next step involves gathering all the data about your financial life including budgeting and your existing savings and saving patterns. Then a written plan is created that incorporates your vision for the future with your existing resources, inflation, risk, and come up with a "road map" so to say. You now have a written plan that allows you to make informed decisions about what you need to do and can do to achieve your goals. You can now use this plan as a progress guide.

The Financial Planning Process 

Retirement Planning

Simply said planning for retirement is a process of making sure you can continue the same lifestyle you now enjoy while you are working.

Most people will retire with some combination of the following sources of income I refer to as the "three legged stool" of retirement planning:

  • Pension Plan income
  • Social Security
  • Personal Savings

These sources of income you control. Therefore, it's important to determine how all three work together to accomplish your goal.

An even larger part of the equation is determining what you will do with your time in retirement. Will you volunteer your time? Will you continue to work in some capacity? Or, maybe you will concentrate on your hobbies. Planning for this part of your retirement is just as important as planning the financial aspect.

College Planning

Here are the most frequently asked questions my clients ask about college planning.

  • Does it make sense for me to save money and pay for it personally?
  • Will my child have scholarship money available to them?
  • Are there any other types of assistance they can get?
  • What kinds of tax deductions are associated with paying for my child's education?

My answer is always the same…it depends on your finances as parents (net worth, assets, titling of assets, available income, etc.) and your child's academic history. These two factors help determine what type of financial college plan will be best for you and your child.

I never encourage my clients to borrow, surrender, or in any way take money from their own personal retirement plans to fund their child's education. It's my firm belief that if your child is a good student, there will be financial assistance available for them.

Estate Planning

Everyone has an estate to consider, and my job is to make sure your estate plan protects you from…

  • Taxes
  • Medical costs
  • Legal Probate
  • Creditors
  • Nursing homes
  • Inflation
  • Poor Planning
  • and Waste

Estate planning is more than reviewing all of these issues and designing a plan that protects you; it can help provide peace of mind. Having a proper estate plan can take the burden off your loved ones. At the end of your life, they will know exactly what your wishes were regarding your estate rather than trying to interpret what you may have wanted.

When we complete your estate plan, which includes consulting with your accountant and an attorney, you will be confident that all available tax laws have been taken advantage of, all your assets have been titled properly, and that all of your wishes have been written down in a legal document that will make it easy for your loved ones to implement.

Small Business Pension Planning

Having a small business pension plan in place is a way for a small business owner, and their employees, to benefit from resources normally reserved for a large corporation. Small business pension planning is a rapidly growing service that business owners are taking advantage of because of new plans, that were not previously available, and how easy it is to get a small business pension plan up and running.

Your Role

  • Ask your employees if they are willing to participate in saving for a pension
  • If they are, how much they would like to contribute to their pension each pay period?
  • Provide a list of employees and their ages

My Role

  • To design the best possible small business pension plan for you and your employees, because there is no single plan that suits every business.